About The Snuggie Sutra

What is “The Snuggie Sutra”?
You’ve heard of the Kama Sutra, right? Of course you have, you’re a pervert. Well, the Snuggie Sutra is like that — i.e., a visual compendium of pleasurable sex positions — only, ours involves the use of a blanket. With sleeves. Because that’s what a Snuggie is.

Do I have to use a Snuggie? Couldn’t I just use a bathrobe?
That’s like asking if your sex partner has to be human. We’ll leave that decision up to you.

Could I use a Slanket?
Are you serious? Only if you regularly drink RC Cola and intend to use supermarket-brand condoms.

How does the Snuggie react to bodily fluids?

Will using the Snuggie protect against STDs or pregnancy?
No. Being extremely unattractive and having no sex might, though. Or, y’know, use protection.

I have a great idea for a position to add to The Snuggie Sutra.
That’s not a question. Try harder.

How can I tell you about my new, kick-ass sexual position that you might want to add to The Snuggie Sutra?
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